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This includes any questions you may have; here are some of the most common ones.
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Q: How often should I change my filters?

A: Different filters have different life expectancy. If you have pets, are a smoker or have extra dust being created in your house, it may need to be changed more regularly. The best way to determine how long a filter will work in your house is to write the date on the new filter when you install it and see how long it is before it needs to be replaced again.

Q: What happens if I don’t change my filter?

A: Your air filter helps to clean the air that is going into your unit. Once your filter is plugged with dirt, it reduces and may even block air flow to your unit which it needs to run efficiently. Low airflow to the unit can also cause the unit to have a shorter life and may not be able to run altogether.

Q: Does my air conditioner use refrigerant/freon like a car uses oil?

A: No, if your unit needs to have refrigerant added to it periodically, it is usually due to a leak in your system. Once the leak is fixed, you should no longer have to continually add refrigerant.

Q: Does my heating and cooling equipment need regular maintenance?

A: Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your heating and cooling system needs to have periodic services. We recommend checking your heating and cooling systems at least one time a year. These services keep your system running more efficiently and help to reduce major repairs, thereby saving you money.

Q: Should I buy a warranty on my system?

A: New heating and cooling units are considered one of the 4 major purchases in your lifetime and the average consumer will only buy 1.5 heating and cooling systems. Most people will buy more homes than they do heating and cooling systems. A warranty on your new heating and cooling system is a great investment to protect a major purchase and will easily pay for themselves over the life of your equipment.

Q: How long should my heating and cooling system last?

A: This varies depending on your system but like any other mechanical device (i.e. cars, appliances etc), you heating and cooling system will last longer if it taken care of properly. Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system will greatly extend the life of your heating and cooling system. The typical life for this area averages between 15 and 18 years.

Q: Is my heating/cooling unit big enough for my home?

A: There are many calculations used to determine the size of equipment a home requires. The best way to get an answer for this is to talk with your service technician and have them evaluate your home.

Q: Is it okay to shut vents off in my home?

A: Your heating/cooling system is designed to have a certain amount of air flow coming into your home. If you close off too many vents, the air flow is reduced and can then affect the performance of your equipment.